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Kenny G is frequently the brunt of jokes, Yanni has also been reamed on many occasions. But, as with Kenny, Yanni is one fine musician, albeit his music covers a way more epic spectrum than that of the sax wielding curly-top. This is the first concert ever to be staged at the Taj Mahal (India) as well as the first appearance of a Western artist at the Forbidden City (China). His world music flavoured orchestral creations also get pop and modern jazz infusions, and are fantastic pieces evoking exotic imagery and moods. A full orchestra (string section & horns), full band, traditional instruments, amazing back-up singers and of course Yanni on the keys, create moving music.
In addition to the live performances you get a documentary No Borders, No Boundaries, narrated by Christopher Plummer. It looks at this amazing journey to India and China and how the shows were put together, the welcoming and protest from some sectors and also injects historic information with a travelogue flavour.
Yanni is no Richard Clayderman, taking his music to a much grander scale. On top of this the Greek born Yanni is a soft, kind, peace loving man, his message spread throughout the world with his music. Yanni is no worse than Jean Michel Jarre, but I think because of his hair and moustache he is seen as less cool. Stick to your guns Yanni
and stuff ‘em all!

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