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Ek Joke Net 2


With Hannes Brummer, Yolandi Malherbe, Solomon Cupido, Lelia Etsebeth

Written by Stefan Nieuwoudt, Danie Bester, Dries Scholtz, Hannes Brummer
Directed by Stefan Nieuwoudt

The local candid camera legacy has come a long way with Jamie Uys and Leon Schuster laying the groundwork many decades ago.

The second installment of this Afrikaans take on the genre wraps the various hidden camera pranks around a silly newscast (and includes cast members from the TV show Kompleks). The jokes are hit and miss, and naturally very indigenous, with takes on subjects making themselves open to endless comedy fodder, like Julius Malema.

The gags go from causing a ruckus on a radio morning show, a blind man asking help to buy condoms and minibus taxi situations, and an IT guy put in the middle of a woman having an affair and her biker boyfrined, to Leon Schuster borrowed bits like a mall security scan that shows you in your underwear, plus loads more.

But then there are some ‘jokes’ that seem to go a bit too far – like a guy in a car dealership with a bloody corpse he wants to dispose of, and a mini bus taxi where all the passengers put on white masks, freaking the unsuspecting public out quite badly… In South Africa with its violent crime rate, chances are high that some of these people could've been traumatized by real terrifying or deadly experiences or have been victims themselves, and at times it seems this may be a bit cruel rather than funny.

One gag has the band Fokofpolisiekar pulled over by the cops, harassing them, finding fake drugs, getting aggressive and asking for a bribe – but one perfectly obvious joke they didn’t pursue and milk, was to have the cops ask what their band name is for some added intimidation.

The set-ups and logic of some pranks were often a little vague, diminishing the pay-off, but as some light, passable entertainment it may do the trick.

With the Afrikaans movie industry’s big upswing, these are inevitable, but probably essential additions to the wider oeuvre that still has a ling way to go.

2 / C
- Paul Blom

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Ek Joke Net

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