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Home Invasion

With Jason Patrick, Natasha Henstridge, Scott Adkins, William Dickinson

Written by Peter Sullivan
Directed by David Tennant

Henstridge plays the wife of a wealthy man, struggling to bond with his son from a previous marriage. On a stormy night their personal troubles turn petty when they become the victims of a home invasion while the dad / husband is away.

It all seems to go "home invasion movie by numbers", especially when the main bad guy hits the cliche nail and starts with the British accent and wise-ass cat and mouse attitude (in a suit and tie of course)… Ugh! And then in marches the sassy, good looking accomplice girlfriend who likes to play games with the victims. So old.
But, while many elements of the Nicolas Cage / Nicole Kidman movie Trespass from 2011 immediately comes to mind, I tried not to let it cloud my attention (which was a bit difficult). So, how will the filmmakers make this one different? Also with a high-tech security system as the aforementioned movie, here the invaded home is linked to a security company with a direct link to the home, watching it unfold, trying to help. The cameras get disabled, but the system is super jacked with hidden ones. With the terrified mom and step-son fleeing to a another part of he house, the police aren't turning up (because the criminals had disabled an automated bridge leading towards the wealthy neighbourhood).
The security company (with main man on call Jason Patrick), helps them to stay out of the bad-guys' clutches, but not for long.

From the get-go the viewer would suspect the absent rich husband of having something inside the house which the invaders want, and possibly having something to do with it(?), but I'll leave it to you to discover if it's the case or not.

Finally, with such a jacked-up security system, one would expect the house to have a panic room? - I guess David Fincher's already made that movie.

2 / C
- Paul Blom

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