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St Vincent


With Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Jaeden Lieberher
Written & Directed by Theodore Melfi

One can almost be guaranteed to expect entertainment when Bill Murray is in a movie. While this is no Ghostbusters or Meatballs, it is a heartfelt comedy-drama that tugs at the heartstrings without pandering soppiness. Melissa McCarthy has risen to being a fully fledged comedic star, but here she proves her dramatic acting muscles are equally developed (or simply a natural talent).

Vincent is a loner Vietnam vet living in Brooklyn (with his cat), lazing about, drinking, smoking, racking up gambling debts, one of his few friends a (pregnant) Russian prostitute. He generally finds life pretty miserable (a moving reason for his cynicism made evident as the film progresses). But things take a turn when a single mom moves in next door. She works long hours and (reluctantly) recruits Vincent to babysit her son (after their less than congenial first meeting).
The kid is being bullied at school and where Vincent's original motivation was to make money, the unlikely pair form a bond. Taking a kid to bars and racetracks however won't go unnoticed, with many consequences resulting. However the boy sees past Vincent's flaws, picking him as the subject of his Saints Amoung Us presentation at Catholic school.

A sweet, funny, but low-key movie that won't get as wide recognition as it deserves, so do check it out.

4 / B
- Paul Blom

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