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That Awkward Moment


With Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis, Jessica Lucas

Written & Directed by Tom Gormican

What seems like just another romantic comedy with sex jokes and the usual relationship issues (which it certainly has), That Awkward Moment does in fact carry a good dose of original humour, universal questions, heartfelt sentiment and character involvement for the viewer.  

Three young guys are reaching crossroads in their lives.  South of 30, the one likes to have a few options on his list when it comes to sexual partners, the other uses his female buddy as his wing-man.  The two of these design book covers at a publishing house while the third is a doctor who married early (but his wife is having an affair and wants to split up).  So, they make a pact to remain single and enjoy themselves as full-on bachelors, going out, drinking picking up girls, the usual.  However, even in regular casual relationships the question of “where is this going`’ inevitably comes up.   

In the midst of this lad-domain, Zac Efron’s character actually meets a girl that stirs more than just a fling.  Each of the guys eventually start to verge from their original pact without telling the others – all set to come to a head.
This turned out far differently than expected and rather entertaining as it intersects the fabric of carefree youth with that of commitment and maturing (but not necessarily with sacrifice).  

I’m neither a Zac Efron fan, nor a hater – rather indifferent, as his High School Musical days had no impact on my generation and I (in fact I haven’t seen any of those). But, he’s made a good transition form teen to adult star, and is rather good in this (also acting as co-executive producer).

While this is very much from a man's perspective, the female characters are no shrinking violets. (And Imogen Poots is always stunning)

4 / B
- Paul Blom

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