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With Aubrey Plaza, Johnny Simmons, Bill Hader, Sarah Steele, Scott Porter, Rachel Bilson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Andy Samberg  

Written & Directed by Maggie Carey

It is interesting how first impressions can actually be counter-productive in many instances.  Case in point – the cover design of this movie is so non, to the point that it looked like a boring, safe Nickelodeon early-high school movie.  I would walk past this in the video store every time (unless studying the characters on the cover and spotting Hader, Mintz-Plasse and Samberg, which would suggest potential funny, and seeing the suggestive tag-line “She’s going from straight A’s to getting her first F”).  

However, this is actually a very funny sex teen comedy.  Movies like Porky’s made their mark in the ‘80s and in many ways this follows that tradition, but just a little less explicit.  
Set in the 1990s, Brandy is a straight-laced overachieving virgin on her way to college, about to take a summer job at the town’s modest public pool (with its share of crazy characters).  At a party with her two girlfriends however, she realizes what an uptight life she’s been leading, spending all her time on her studies, and none chasing boys.  So, she decides to catch up on everything she’d lost out on.  With a hot (unattainable) cool guy also working as a lifeguard at the pool, she sets out to create a list of all the sexual experiences she needs to rack up before arriving in college as an inexperienced noob.  

Her quest is loaded with hilarious situation as she takes her journey to tick off the list, from French kissing and masturbation, through to full on sex (and everything in between).  
Naturally there’s an equally awkward friend who really likes her, and becomes her default for test-driving some of these new sexual acts.  
Just like Adam Sandler’s Wedding Singer is a thrill for people growing up in the ‘80s, this movie is littered with ‘90s references and is a hoot for those growing up in that era (or at least remember a lot attached to it), as enough time has passed to slot it into the nostalgia zone.

With very much the same premise as all those (mostly bad) ‘80s sex comedies, writer-director Maggie Carey (and a good cast) manage to take the ‘get laid’ tale and actually create something unique and enjoyable.
I didn’t recognize lead star Aubrey Plaza (who made an impression in Scott Pilgrim vs The World), and here does a great job going from nerdy to cute to sexy (and funny on top).

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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