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True Detective Season 2


With Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilley

Written by Nic Pizzolatto

Directed by Justin Lin, Janus Metz, Jeremy Podeswa, John Crowley, Miguel Sopachnik, Daniel Attias

The first season of this amazing series (starring executive producers Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConnauhey) turned the cop show on its head (as only HBO can), the second season following in its footsteps.

While the title remains, the characters, storyline and location is completely different, but still with flawed cops at the core of it.
Season 1 had murders investigated in a southern location (with an intriguing interview technique flashing to and from the past and present, unfolding the characters and mystery).
Season 2 is set in California and brings together three very different cops (each with their own demons - carrying childhood trauma, an event attached to a criminal exacting street justice, a sexual identity struggle...).

They get entangled in a murder mystery linked to one of their connections who'd risen in the business world, and corruption within a city's administration (and a variety of intertwined criminal activity).

It is not all brooding emotional angst, and as with its predecessor features many peaks and valleys, as well as an extreme shoot-out scene - but overall, very much adult themed. Clashing personalities and intense human emotions are at play, characteristics like pride and greed leading to demise. As with all good writing, no useless details are thrown in, with everything linked to the plot (which can confound many as it meanders, twists and turns, carrying the viewer on a ride of absolute intrigue, suspense and violence).

This is the kind of show that captures the viewer on all levels (if you're not averse to adult themes), and is part of the groundbreaking new era of TV spearheaded by HBO and other production entities.
Writer / creator Nic Pizzolatto worked on other TV projects, but didn't have full creative control. HBO however let him do his thing here, and all the better for it, as this singular focus and dedication to characters he knows inside and out feels unfettered with corporate / agent / clueless interference. And with this comes an amazing troupe of actors known for film roles, some doing some of their best work here (like McAdams that never impressed me, but here diving into a tough, troubled cop role).

6 / B
- Paul Blom

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