A collection like this is essential in encapsulating decades of music, in this case Afrikaans hits which made an impact in the South African musical environment. While it compiles a range of songs professed to be great all-round, it is in fact a give-and-take document of good, bad and embarrassing, as well as classic and unmentionable, shmaltzy and lame comedy songs.
To a great extent this is also very much bound to a single record company, so there may be some songs one would've expected to be included, but aren't. It is also focused on the more accessible adult contemporary and pop market, so don't expect any K.O.B.U.S., Battery 9, Fokofpolisiekar, or even early Koos Kombuis and Johannes Kerkorrel.
So, legends of yesteryear include Ge Korsten, Min Shaw, Sias Reineke (solo and with Groep Twee), Acapella Koor, Gert Potgieter, and Leonore Veenenmans.
Then there are the Afrikaans stars rising in the late-'70s and -'80s, like Bles Bridges, Anneli Van Rooyen, Anton Goosen, Sonja Heroldt, Laurika Rauch, Lucas Maree, Carike Keuzenkamp, Rina Hugo, Steve Hofmeyr, Johan Stemmet, Cora Marie, Danie Botha, Die Troebadoer, Kupido, Leon Schuster, Herbie & Spence, Danie Niehaus, and Glenys Lynne. More recent names on the scene include Dozi, Theuns Jordaan, Nadine, Arno Jordaan, and Amor.
Many of these performers get multiple entries.

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- Paul Blom

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6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smolder
2 - Room Temp.
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