The high priest of commercial evil returns. Vicars and grannies again run for cover while there are in fact real dangers out there to which they turn a blind eye. This album seems to hark back to the more Anti-Christ Superstar days, the pale, alien, androgynous coma exploration making way for the more drab toned horror imagery and pseudo religious (rotting good, saintly evil) themes and explorations woven into this concept album. The Tarot card inspired artwork and photography is amazing. But for the most part, it is good hard alternative rock, the pace picking up quite a bit on Burning Flag while Disposable Teens is very-very Beautiful People. Many of these songs will stick in your head and fill you with feelings of rich satisfaction, while to others the mere musical cunning (of good hooks & catchy chouruses ) will seem like possession. Get a life! It's just music, man. Like it or lump it. Or stick to your John Denver 7 singles.

- PB