NIRVANA - In Utero

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Nirvana's 1993 follow-up to their explosive historic album Nevermind is a more gritty one with a little less commercial appeal, but a more personally exerted effort. Sure, hits that got Unplugged, like All Apologies are fantastic songs, without the chart topping possibilities coming into the equation. Looking back at this album (sans media hype), In Utero stands firmly as an accomplishment separate from the expectations of media and public. In fact they take a crack at the unintended popularity exploding around them and the birth of Grunge and the ensuing feeding frenzy. Songs like Rape Me (copying the ever-popularized Smells Like Teen Spirit riff) takes a crack at all of this, its lyrics never to reach the commercial airwaves. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter and Milk It border along the same lines, while Cobain's lyrics are pretty much open to interpretation. Even with absolutely incredible tracks like Heart-Shaped Box displaying strong commercial viability, its intentions were hardly that. With essentially a punk rock attitude towards life and music, the band maintained a lot of their integrity, regardless of their popularity (mainly because the simplicity and catchy nature of their songs made it easily attainable for a wide range of listeners). This album was also one of the early "hidden track" holders, a trick which is hardly strange today, as every third CD release contains one. The population's split loyalty to the band is not a fair one. Some people wanted them to remain underground, the general public not allowed to enjoy them; media build ups & break downs…It's an endless debate, but what remains a fact is the immense impact Nirvana had on rock & roll music of the 90s (and even beyond). It would've been interesting to see what direction the band would've headed into, had Kurt Cobain not committed suicide. Meanwhile you can shift to drummer Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters as a possible indication, whereas the best bet is to revert back to these Nirvana albums and having them shine in a new context, un-blurred by hype and controversy - the music speaking more clearly than ever before.

5 / A
- PB


6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smolder
2 - Room Temperature
1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

A - Multiple Listening Possibilities
B - Deserves Another Spin
C - Once Should Suffice