Even though this new offering is as dark and powerful as Sehnsucht, it doesn’t seem to contain instant grabbers like their flagship tune Rammstein or Du Hast on the first spin. The closest they get to it is with the opening track, Mein Hertz Brennt (My Heart Burns) while those who may have had unfounded suspicions of their possible fascist view (like many would think of similar band
Laibach), Links 2-3-4 will probably solidify this because of the marching sound FX - but, I mean, really people… As the cliche' goes, the album really grows on you, even years after its release the songs are ass-kicking slices of electronically infused metal with choir tones often behind Till's deep, ominous voice - Ich Will and Sonne springing to mind. The eerie cover artwork, photography and desolate industrial moods created in the music coupled with the dark vocals may strike fear in many without the necessity to let rip with speed & noise. They do include about two tracks which is more pacey - rather unlike them. Rammstein is not unique in their style (contrary to their belief), but they are the most prominent in their field, if only they’d re-evaluate some of the ultra basic heavy guitar riffs (which really acts as a constant percussive rhythmic nuance), isolating it from a basic Metal chop to something just a little more progressively interesting. Still, all in all, a great album.

6 / A
- PB

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6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smoulder
2 - Room Temperature
1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

A - Multiple Listening Possibilities
B - Deserves Another Spin
C - Once Should Suffice