RESIDENT EVIL - Motion Picture Soundtrack

A soundtrack can certainly enhance a movie, if not offer the opportunity to tag on songs to sell the soundtrack afterwards (or even before its opening!). When a cracker of a movie also offers up a cracker of a soundtrack, then you simply cannot lose.
Marilyn Manson delivers one moody and creepy audio landscape for this modern zombie movie (based on the PlayStation game). Sure, the tracks by the dozen or so hard & heavy acts may not all be included in the film's main body, but does that matter? For years fans of these musical genres have been discriminated against, so why shouldn't they have the opportunity to get their musical style via soundtracks (even though the fad is bound to pass). A slamming movie deserves a slamming soundtrack. And this Milla Jovovich hottie fronted zombie-infested flick gets it twofold. In the shape of the 4 Manson soundtrack slices and a range of ass kicking current bands. The album takes off with the masked mayhem mongers Slipknot - a previously unreleased mix of My Plague. This leaps straight into a Slipknot remix of Marilyn Manson's Fight Song, punching twice as hard as the original. The other hefty guests on this tightly packed and sizzling release includes the inimitable Fear Factory, low tuned growlers Coal Chamber, the intense Static-X and remixed Mudvayne with many previously unreleased tunes. Rammstein lends their dark German cyber-metal edge while Depeche Mode's grungy cover of Iggy Pop's Dirt does not feel out of place at all. A similar case with that of the Prodigy Remix of Method Man and Crystal Method's unreleased mix. Heavies Ill Nino, Korn-influenced Adema, hard rocking Saliva and Five Pointe O's sweeping crunch round it off before the atmosphere-laden 4 original score numbers by Marilyn Manson dig into the psyche of the film's terror, horror and adrenaline, bringing this incredible soundtrack to a glorious end - only to play it again from the beginning! And if the 3 added audio clips from the movie doesn't make you want to check out the flick, at least the Marilyn Manson moods are sure to inspire you. Otherwise go out & buy the PlayStation games and get busy!

6 / A
- PB


6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smolder
2 - Room Temperature
1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

A - Multiple Listening Possibilities
B - Deserves Another Spin
C - Once Should Suffice