The Pink Floyd / Roger Waters feud aside, the man wrote some absolutely amazing, timeless songs. These small venue live recording showcases the disillusioned rock star's finest work with Pink Floyd and as a solo artist. It sounds a little bit tired in parts, lacking its original intensity, but its essence are still as large and present as when they were created. Songs from The Wall, Animals, Wish You Were Here, The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking and more all have that somber, almost bitter epic quality Waters is so famous for. But its passion and musical artistry is undeniable and great to listen to, either as a remembrance or a new discovery. The notes also gives a first hand view from the man himself - and what a musical genius he is - if only he and the rest of Pink Floyd can lay their differences to rest and give us a final original member tour complete with the elaborate stage props & FX. But, then again, that's pretty much why Waters went for this more intimate small venue thing. The stadium spectaculars were impersonal mind altering and personality changing beasts (as the theme of The Wall illustrated - and if you still hadn't seen the film version of The Wall directed by Alan Parker, what fucking trailer have you been living under?).

- PB