Since the late ‘90s nu-metal pioneers Korn have taken their carnival on the road with a mixture of high profile acts and newcomers to the scene, exposing them all over the States. The 2006 tour brought out the likes of Deftones – a band one would expect to have toured with Korn several times, but the two heavyweights joining forces here for the first time. Then there’s Slipknot vocalist Corey’s other less intense, yet more impassioned band StoneSour. Flyleaf is a female-fronted act which sometimes feels a bit like Alanis Morrisette’s younger sister who listened to Korn (the growly vocals reminding me of kindergarten kids making lion sounds). Direngrey is an energetic, refreshing Japanese band that sticks to their native language (like the German Rammstein does, who featured on the first Family Values Tour). 10 Years flow along the lines of Incubus with Deadsy way more musical than you would’ve thought. Naturally the focus leans more in favour of Korn on the 16 tracks, the others getting one to two of their best live moments. This tour is also available on DVD with very similar cuts.

4 / B
- PB

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6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smolder
2 - Room Temp.
1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

A:Multiple Listening Potential
B:Deserves Another Spin
C:Once Should Suffice

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