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GOOD TIMES '80s - Various

If a party can't get started, a safe bet would be to slap on one of these '80s hits collections. Some will like it because they truly love the songs from that era, while others will dig its retro cheese factor.
This highly entertaining collection of thirty '80s favourites pack in Bananarama, a-ha, Alphaville, Imagination, Howard Jones, Simply Red, Foreigner, Communards, DeeLite, Tears For Fears, Chaka Khan, Matt Bianco, Billy Ocean, Fine Young Cannibals, and Irene Cara.
Other cool tracks you don't usually find on these mostly pop-slanted collections are the rocking Twisted Sister, Underworld (before going electronic), the off-center antics of B-52's, with the darker tinged sound of Blancmange adding that little extra. Locals are represented by MarcAlex, with lesser known acts including Associates, Stacey Q, Gino Soccio, and Nu Shooz.

5 / A
- Paul Blom

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