HALFORD – Made Of Metal

What a pleasure to have two bona fide Metal legends grace us with brand new albums in 2010. Besides Ozzy's Scream, Halford's Made Of Metal delivers in spades. Rob Halford is of course the definitive leather & studs ambassador and the brilliant voice behind earth-shakers Judas Priest. His departure from that band was a shock to all Metal fans in the mid-‘90s, but his return was a moment for justified celebration. Besides the huge Priest catalogue, his Fight project and solo Halford incarnation has seen around 17 CD and DVD releases. This Grammy Award winner’s voice is beyond brilliant, his trademark screams reserved for key moments, not constantly showing off as it rides the classic traditional Metal music headed up by guitarist Roy Z. Forces of power always play a part in Halford’s lyrics to emphasize the music – big, fast machines, lasers, thunder, lightning, fire, volume, rebellion and of course all things Metal! Made Of Metal delivers pounding hard music without the need to get abrasive.
This album is released on Halford’s own label, aptly titled Metal God Records, a moniker he can proclaim without an ounce of modesty. For the lucky bastards in North America, they get to catch a tour with none other than Halford and Ozzy!

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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