Lacuna Coil Shallow

LACUNA COIL - Shallow Life (Deluxe Edition)

Long before bands like Evanescence made serious commercial impact with the lyrical female vocal and Metal enhanced backing, these Italians had been going at it since the mid-'90s. Lacuna Coil however has a dual male-female vocal team in the shape of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, resulting in an affable balance, the hard edge easily making way for more accessible tunes - this is again illustrated very well on this album. The electronic and keyboard enhancements are still present, together with the alternating male-female vocal galvanizing that Lacuna Coil sound. Its melodic heaviness never gets abrasive.This Deluxe Edition gives you the full Shallow Life album, plus an additional disc featuring rarities and B-sides (The Last Goodbye, Leaving Alone, Oblivion), acoustic tracks (Spellbound, Closer, Within Me), live songs from a House Of Blues performance in 2009 (Survive, I'm Not Afraid, I Won't Tell You), and live tracks from a 2006 St. Petersburg show (Tightrope, Fragment Of Faith, The Game).

4 / A
- Paul Blom

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