MADONNA - Celebration

This double disc compiles 36 songs across Madonna's illustrious career. And within this time-period stretching from the '80s to present day, a lot of the attention has been on her personal life, relationships, marriages, break-ups & divorces, kids, adoption furore, and of course the moral outcry about her sexualized videos and live performances (and her Sex book). Since rising as a pop upstart several decades ago and growing into a one-woman industry, Madonna Ciccone has never been one shy of controversy and also expanded into acting with both good and terrible results (in movie's like Desperately Seeking Susan, Who's That Girl, Dangerous Game etc.).
For the most part these are frivolous pop tunes with dancing and having a good time at its core (like Holiday, Music, Ray Of Light, Material Girl, Lucky Star, Into The Groove, Vogue etc.), and of course those with a sexual nature (including Erotica, Like A Virgin, Jusify My Love). But more serious tunes like Live To Tell, and Frozen even things out somewhat.
With producers ranging from Madonna herself, Jellybean, Nile Rodgers, and Mirwais, to Babyface, William Orbit, Lenny Kravitz, and Paul Oakenfold, the album also includes Everybody, Sorry, Secret, Miles Away, Take A Bow, Hollywood, and Don't Tell Me. I feel her Bond tune for Die Another Day is one of the worst ones in the series, and the tune for Revolver is also pretty bland - but what can you do...
The songs on the collection does not follow a chronological path, but are randomly spread. For the CD sleeve a bit of a historic blurb on the woman and her work would've been a nice addition, unless the assumption is there that everyone known everything about her already.
As a pop icon Madonna will not exactly fade into the background, and even though many of her songs are rather vacant, almost everyone will recognize them, whether they like it not.

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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