MARILYN MANSON – The High End Of Low (Deluxe Edition)

Since the mid-'90s every Marilyn Manson album seemed to have a fresh new outlook, and with it an image re-invention. Following on Eat Me, Drink Me, this offering pumps very much down the same vein (even with Twiggy back on the team as bass player), and there is also not that much of a new look – which begs the question: is there anything left for him to do image-wise, and is it still necessary? (also now that he's gone down the directors' path like Rob Zombie who'd both always had a flair for the visual). Those who prefer the old-school Manson may be expecting more as it takes a while to get started (and for those who prefer his heavier side may find this to be "Manson around the campfire" with too many slow and acoustic-laden pieces). His sentiments, anti-establishment attitude, alternative world view and sense of danger has not been discarded, and the darker side of romance also reemerges.

With 15 tracks (plus a single remix by Teddy Bears of Arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon on the regular release), as a whole the album needs several rounds to really settle as a satisfying experience. The Deluxe version includes an extra disc with 6 tracks including the Teddy Bears remix, and alternate (mostly acoustic flavoured) versions of Leave A Scar, Running to The Edge Of The World, Wight Spider, Four Rusted Horses and I Have To look Up Just To See Hell. Should we be expecting Marilyn Manson Unplugged soon?

4 / B
- Paul Blom

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