NICKELBACK - All The Right Reasons

In many ways one of Roadrunner's biggest and most commercial money-spinners tend to stick to their rock recipe - hence their success I guess. But on this album they step the heaviness up a touch. Perhaps a bit more aggression has surfaced in the wake of troubled times, including the murder of
Pantera / Damage Plan guitarist Dimebag Darrell. They deal with the shooting on Side Of A Bullet and also dedicate the album to him. This is the second time I've noticed a reference to the incident (Limp Bizkit doing so on The Unquestionable Truth Part 1). Chad Kroeger's gravel but clear vocals does exactly what the band's fans expect of it. The straight forward rocking also get a bit more speed and some double bass drums. The sex, drugs and rock & roll sentiments with cheesy subjects like stripper girlfriend (Next Contestant), fooling around in the car getting bust by her dad (Animals), rockstar clichés (Rockstar) etc. kind of diminish the impact -but it's not like we're expecting a chapter in philosophy.

3 / B
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