NORAH JONES – Not Too Late

If you’ve contemplated picking up the new Norah Jones album, go for this Deluxe Version which also features a DVD.
Ironically I was recently wondering what had happened to Ms Jones (outside of other projects and guest appearances) - and this release arrived with its prophetic album title.
Some country flavours filter through the brew of blues inspired, soft jazzy sounds. In many instances Norah’s songwriting feels very much like it was based on that of Tom Waits, both in the execution and subject moods, displaying a sweet and/or sour twist and slight pang of cynicism mixed in with her usual style – especially on tracks like Sinkin’ Soon, Broken and to a certain extent (the politically slanted) My Dear Country. Her regular crew (including Adam Levy on guitar and Lee Alexander on bass) create the structure for Norah’s voice and lyrics. For convenience and portability Norah used a lot of guitar for song writing purposes, and this naturally ended up on the album – but, the piano has not been discarded completely.
On the DVD you’ll find three music videos, like the semi-surreal, very Michel Gondry flavoured Thinking About You, the mild and somber Until The End, plus the animated and puppet driven Sinkin’ Soon. “Making-of” mini documentaries of Thinking About You and Sinkin’ Soon are also included. The Norah interview also reveals my suspicions of Tom Waits’ influence (as well as that of Willie Nelson). But wait - that’s not all! An extra two live video clips (recorded in Burbank, California - November 2006) wrap things up.

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