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PANTERA – Cowboys From Hell

Unbelievably this groundbreaking album was released two decades ago, bearing the trademark Pantera style that set a new standard for Metal in the '90s, and gets this re-release for its anniversary.
This album exploded with Phil's aggresive vocals (with well-placed melodic presence reflecting their more Glam Metal roots), Vinnie's solid and rapid drumming with Rex's bass presence, and of course, Dimebag's unmistakable guitar style (R.I.P.). After Metallica changed the face of Metal, Pantera had similar effect when they unleashed this album on the public. The 12 killer cuts (incl. the title track, Primal Concrete Sledge, Heresy, Domination, The Art Of Shredding and Cemetery Gates) is enhanced with an extra disc of live songs, hearing the band at their most hungry prime, with previously unreleased tracks fom the 1990 Foundations Forum, plus A Live And Hostile E.P. recorded in Moskow 1991. Cowboys From Hell remained their nicknames with CFH tattoos covering them and fans around the globe.
The sleeve includes reminiscent notes from Phil, Vinnie, Rex, producer/engineer Terry Date.

6 / A
- Paul Blom

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