PRINCE – 3121

Prince seems to write songs effortlessly. In the case of this album he seems to be trying out a range of styles, from revisiting some of his ‘80s roots to trying some cliché urban vibes, Hispanic attitude and Latin percussion respectively, all with that lustful swagger and pop sense he couples with the odd guitar driven lick. Silky and smooth at times, more nasty at others, this by no is means an historic musical event, but just what his fans want. Expect subjects to range from partying, to sex and living life.

4 / B
- PB

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6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smolder
2 - Room Temp.
1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

A:Multiple Listening Potential
B:Deserves Another Spin
C:Once Should Suffice

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