RAMMSTEIN - Reise, Reise

In between the lengthy wait between Mutter and Reise Reise, fans were tied over with the re-release on DVD of their Live Aus Berlin show and the Lichtspielhaus music video DVD collection. Not to mention appearing in the first xXx movie (and soundtrack). This 2004 release features that heavy-laden dramatic and epic sweep we've come to love, and in many situations a more Metal thrust than usual. The mean guitar riffs get melodic, lyrical and electronic enhancement lifting it above two-dimensional heavy rock. The disaster angle of the album also flows over into the bilingual track Amerika with English lyrics sharing the German in a post Iraq invasion flash. The track is followed by another country related tune Moskau (with Russian female vocals by Viktoria Fersh). Dalai Lama is a shocking tale of a plane going down and the effect it has on a man and his child on board. Keine Lust has a marching Marilyn Manson styled throb. Mein Teil is a powerful Metal laced tune, countered by songs like the acoustically driven Los and the closing tender lyrical number Amour. A great band with a very distinct recipe, but always maintaining a fresh touch nonetheless.

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