RAMMSTEIN - Rosenrot

It doesn't take long to identify a track as one of
Rammstein's: the catchy metal guitar riffs and deep German vocals their trademark. While we had to wait several years between offerings from this doom-laden, melodically inclined powerhouse, imagine our pleasant surprise when Rosenrot appeared only about a year after Reise Reise. Consisting of leftover songs and concepts from that album, and new ones to make a full 11 tracks, the record does illustrate a mood of continuity. But also because of this fact that there are not as many standout tracks that instantly dig into your psyche as you might find on their Mutter album for example - but this rather goes the route as many albums do, slowly digging in with repeated listening. They again inject English and enlist a female vocalist on the track Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before Me), and the guest is none other than Sharleen Spiteri from Texas! As on their Live In Berlin show Rammstein again do this Mexican thing that seems very much out of character and adds a sense of pantomime which detracts from the dark, ominous mood they project so well with power and electronics.

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