SEETHER – One Cold Night

Local-boys-made-good Seether has a couple of international albums under their belts. This release sees them in unplugged mode with the live performance of a dozen of their best known and loved tunes. I still hear the gravitational pull towards Nirvana in the songs of Seether, and with the Seattle gods’ famous unplugged session, the comparison is just as evident here. Not that it’s a bad thing… Songs include Gasoline, Driven Under, Diseased, Truth, Sympathetic, Fine Again, Broken (with no female guest), Remedy and Plastic Man. Besides the live recording, you also get a DVD with the entire show, as well as an interview clip, photo gallery, and a music video & behind the scenes footage for The Gift.
Something very cool happened at the mammoth Metallica Colab show in Cape Town - a friend’s kid was asked which of the bands at the show was his favourite. Amid all of the huge names, his response was “Seether”.

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1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

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