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With Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler, Sasha Pieterse, Lonny Ross, Caroline Ford, Chelan Simmons

Written by Josh Stolberg (based on the short story by Steve Glenn)
Directed by Mark Helfrich

As far as sex comedies go, this one is actually not that bad (and quite extreme in parts), but at the same token pretty silly. Chuck accidentally picks up a reputation - but not the kind he wants. At a disastrous spin-the-bottle game as a kid, (the cliché) Goth girl into witchcraft curses him that he'll never find love – but rather the girl he's done with will find their true mate after him. This comes to light in Chuck's adult life when an ex-girlfriend married the man of her dreams right after she broke up with him. This kick-starts a barrage of women adamant to sleep with him in order to move onto marital bliss with someone else, filling the waiting room of his dental surgery with available and willing women. Chuck's chubby plastic surgeon buddy thinks this is the best deal any guy could have hoped for - women beating down your door for casual no-strings attached sex! But, obviously our guy meets the perfect woman, and has to hold off sleeping with her in order to prevent her from finding love with someone else once he’s history. Many not-so-funny moments get redeemed with wild and over the top ones, and a particularly grisly scene where Chuck tries to prove his curse to be a farce by wining, dining and sleeping with a gross, obese and crass woman.
Both cute and crazy, Good Luck Chuck serves up enough laughs, albeit not of the cerebral variety.

Special features on offer include filmmaker- & cast commentary tracks, pretty funny blooper reels and deleted scenes, as well as featurettes looking at various aspects of the movie’s creation.

3 / B
- Paul Blom

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