Kobus! is the amalgamated Afrikaans musical effort of V.O.D vocalist Francois and Springbok Nude Girls guitarist Theo.
The first music video Flamedrop made for
Kobus! was Dink Jy Nou. The basic idea came from Francois and was shot in tandem with footage for the Sondag Middag video. While a bunch of friends & family were having a braai (barbecue) by the poolside, various shots were taken of the general festivities to be used for Sondag. They were then pulled into one of the rooms in the house, temporarily turned into a blacked-out studio for individual shots for the Dink Jy Nou clip. This basic, but striking video dissolved these faces as they sing the lyrics.

For Sondag Middag's band shots, Theo and Francois were shot in the Tamboerskloof backyard of their friend Deon Cabano, with Table Mountain in the background.

Die Hoenderman is a crazy song incorporating imagery of a chicken-man visiting and terrorizing a guy at night in an alcoholic haze. This literal image was incorporated in the video. It was a more involved shoot, incorporating prosthetic make-up, dancing girls, green screen pieces, a little bit of animation and hoisting equipment at an actual chicken farm location. Friend Brett Reynolds was roped in to be the title character complete with chicken make-up, contact lenses and cream 3-piece '70s suit. For the dancers four young girls from Herschell's were taught a routine. The grueling shoot took up around 5 days across many locations during a hot December and often stretched into the early morning hours. Locations included Deon Cabano's house again (Tamboerskloof), Lazena Chicken Farm (Somerset West), Signal Hill (Table Mountain), Dolphin Beach, Durbanville, a vacant lot in Three Anchor Bay, and Flamedrop Studios.
The abovementioned three songs came from the self-titled
Kobus! debut album.

For the second 100% Skuldgevoelvry album, the song Die Sorie Van Die Duiweltjie En Die Engeltjie utilized footage from the live performance in front of 1000s of fans at the KKNK Kaktus Op Die Flaktus festival. This was also the first show to feature Kobus! as a 4-piece band as opposed to their usual 2-man set-up with backtracks and a DJ - Rob on bass and Paul on drums. The only additional footage and images were live shots used from a live show in Gauteng and facial studio shots taken at Flamedrop Studios of a spoken vocal piece. The closing shot is the cartoonish image of the two little devils created by Francois for the CD inner sleeve.