MARKED is an 8 minute Horror short film, and the final result of a 3-phase project kickstarted in 2009, involving the annual South African HorrorFest Film Festival, the band Terminatryx, and Flamedrop Productions' movie-making endeavors.

sonja paul Marked

It started with Flamedrop's 1 minute promo clip for their South African HorrorFest Film Festival (est. 2005), in which a woman arrives home to find an unmarked Betamax cassette on her doorstep.  Digging an old Beta player from the closet, she pops it in - a full moon appears...
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Produced by Paul Blom and Sonja Rupperberg, it was directed by Paul, with Sonja playing the lead.  Clinton Smith and his team at Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetic Studio did the amazing make-up FX on a ridiculously tight schedule (so a portion of the make-up studio was set-dressed to shoot it right there).
It was created the year An American Werewolf In London and its documentary featured at the HorrorFest, hence the werewolf theme - which also fit in well with the full moon logo, of course.

From there this one night shoot was expanded to a more involved affair with an extensive supplementary production a year later in order to make a music video for the song "Virus" by Paul & Sonja's band Terminatryx (fusing the narrative images with a punchline to the band performance footage - again thanks to Clinton and his Cosmesis make-up team).  
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Sonja Terminatryx Virus

This music video was selected at various film festivals like Salt Lake City International Horror Film Festival and Sci-Fi-London, and won Best Music Clip at the Barossa Film Festival in Australia.  It also got audience choice and FX awards at the HorrorFest event.

Then its final step saw the culmination of all the work into the 8 min short film "Marked" (which was also selected at Salt Lake, Barossa, Celludroid, and CineMacabre).
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Credits for "Marked" the short film / S.A. HORRORFEST promo clip / TERMINATRYX "Virus" music video :

Produced by: Paul Blom, Sonja Ruppersberg, Clinton Smith, Louw Verwoerd
Starring: Sonja Ruppersberg, Paul Blom, Ronnie Belcher, Patrick Davidson
Directed by: Paul Blom
Special Make-Up- & Prosthetic FX: Clinton Smith & the Cosmesis team (Ashley, Liesl, Lauren, Gerald, Adrian, Michael, Jenny - full credits at end of the clip)
Director Of Photography & Camera: Marnus Tredoux
1st AD & Location: Louw Verwoerd
Editing / AfterFX / Grading: Leon Visser
Special smoke FX & blood splatter FX: Kevin Bitters
Production Design: Paul BLom & Sonja Ruppersberg
Music by Andries Smit
"Virus" song by Terminatryx
Soundscapes, Sound FX and additional music by F8
Production Co-ordination: Jenny Verwoerd
Lighting: Silver Bullet
Additional shots: Paul Blom & Leon Visser
Camera Supply: Visual Impact / Magus
Assistants: Tiaan Barnard & Javan Mattei
Stills: Tiaan Barnard, Ronnie Belcher, Olivari Auret, Javan Mattei

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Sonja Marked

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