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In 1998/99 Flamedrop shot Super-8 footage for V.O.D's song Needledive, taken from the Bloedrivier album recorded in the UK. Bassist Diccon was still in the UK and substitute bassist Tom Somers was used as additional guitarist for the video. The video lay dormant and was only edited in 2006 as part of the extra material for the Bloedrivier 10th anniversary re-release!
Blood featured strongly in the clip and Paul devised a narcotics cop & drug dealer narrative amid the other footage which included a pre-Matrix no-digital bullet-time effect.

Produced, Directed & Edited by Paul A. Blom
© 2006 - Flamedrop Productions

V.O.D: Welcome To South Africaaaargh!!!
Live '93

In the early '90s, Paul André Blom entered the digital age of movie making. With a love for motion pictures and the urge to create them, but hardly the physical means to do so, Paul landed a freelance job with Clear Communication. The company had purchased one of the first few Mac-based Media 100 editing suites, with a whopping 3 gigabytes! But, they had no-one to operate the machine. Paul is the drummer for influential South African Metal band
Voice Of Destruction (V.O.D), and the band's guitarist (Greg McEwan) was doing design work for CC. He knew Paul had an affinity for movies and suggested he be the test-driver. Having never worked on a high-end Macintosh, he set out to learn the ropes. As a test run he decided to get together all the recent V.O.D footage and start to construct something watchable and get to know the machine's ins & outs.
Cameramen included Philip Francis, Russell King and David Van Blerk. After several months, the result was an almost 2 hour epic of various
V.O.D live performances from 1993 with interviews and backstage footage interspersed. In some cases the transition FX and titling seems a little elaborate, but it is understandable as a "learning tool project".
The VHS video was released under Paul's then Flowerpower / Underground Productions label (since then changed to Flamedrop Productions & Flamedrop Pictures).
At this time
V.O.D was reaching a peak and had signed to Inhouse Records in Johannesburg (who seriously stiffed them and many other bands of the era). In 1994 the band signed to Morbid Records in Germany and ventured to the UK in 1995 to record their album Bloedrivier at Academy Studios in Yorkshire (home of such bands like Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Cradle Of Filth). From there the band did a European Tour covering the UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland and more.
This video is now part of the
V.O.D Archives Vol. II DVD - click here for info.

VOICE OF DESTRUCTION - "Welcome To South Africaaargh!!! "

Produced, Directed & Edited by Paul A. Blom
© 1994 - Flamedrop Productions