IRON MAIDEN - Death On The Road

Someone who has no understanding of this kind of music always looks down on a band like
Iron Maiden as old-school dinosaurs from an age of kitsch hair-metal, but they couldn't be more wrong. These guys still write great song, put on a brilliant show and have a growing fan base in their early teens and not just grey old headbangers. This live show was recorded in Dortmund Germany 24 November 2004 on the band's Death On The Road Tour. The triple disc DVD set includes two of the show: one in stereo and the other in a 5.1 mix. Iron Maiden perform 17 songs across their expansive career, from the debut self-titled album across Killers and 7th Son, through Brave New World to the most recent Dance Of Death. The last album gets most coverage with the title track Dance Of Death, Wildest Dreams, Rainmaker, No More Lies, Paschedale and Journeyman. Unfortunately the great Powerslave and the albums before and after it (Piece Of Mind, and Somewhere In Time) get a little neglected. Favourite songs like The Trooper, Number Of The Beast, Wrathchild, Iron Maiden, Hallowed Be Thy Name and Run To the Hills are not omitted and pack a wallop. Extra features on the third disc include two documentaries, Death On The Road, and Life On The Road, taking a look at the making of the Dance Of Death album, and the mammoth task of putting the tour together. Features interviews with all of the band members, South African expatriate producer Kevin Shirley, as well as the crew and technicians. The 200 minutes of extra footage also throws in a half hour of fan interviews, an EPK, two promo videos, photo- and artwork galleries. The picture format is enhanced for 16:9 screens. Far from over the hill, Iron Maiden is still a band to be reckoned with.
One downside is Harris' editing which is sometimes a bit all over the place with cuts too rapid, not matching the music.

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