Rock Til You Drop 4ROCK 'TIL YOU DROP Volume 4 Plus More

The jacked-up 4th volume in this 2CD & DVD collection series packs in dozens of Rock / Metal / Alternative / Punk bands.
The DVD reflects most of the songs represented in audio format. These include everyone from Godsmack, Lifehouse, Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, 30 Seconds To Mars, Disturbed, Dragonforce, Black Tide and Vinnie Paul (from Pantera's) hard rocking Southern band Hell Yeah, to Audioslave, Papa Roach, The Killers, Live, Kaiser Chiefs, Radiohead, Flyleaf, Marilyn Manson, Bloodhound Gang and Blink-182. Local connections include Seether, Zebra And Giraffe, and Heroes Wear Red. The latter two are only in video format, as with Chris Cornell's 007 video, while songs only appearing on the CDs include Weezer, Smashmouth, Sum 41 and Soundgarden (giving Chris Cornell representation in 3 different guises). Many (if not most) of the bands on here have appeared on previous Rock 'Til You Drop collections, but not the same songs.

A nice package if your rock taste is a variable one.

4 / A
- Paul Blom

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