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With Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Ben Foster, Sidse Babet Knudsen, Omar Sy, Irrfan Khan, Ana Ularu

Written by David Koepp (based on the novel by Dan Browne)
Directed by Ron Howard

Howard and Hanks team up again for their third Dan Browne adaptation.
This time symbologist Robert Langdon is tasked to save the planet from a genocidal fate. After waking up in an Italian hospital with amnesia and a vision of hell, the mystery in which he's entwined unfolds itself across another exciting adventure. In a maniacal purge plot, a billionaire bioengineer has set in motion the release of a virus that will obliterate half the human population (to save it from inevitably driving itself to extinction).
With killers and other mysterious folks on his trail, a nurse helps Langdon in this quest. A quest that has its starting point with Dante's epic Inferno chapter (from his Divine Comedy), and its levels of Hell, revealing a plot that is as deliciously convoluted as we'd expect from these movies and their source novels (although the film adds and changes some aspects for a more impacting cinema translation).

Great European locations, architecture and art again play a big role in the landscape as our hero and his side-kick dare life and limb to stop this plot from coming to fruition, with action, adventure and many cultural aspects entwined in the narrative (which obviously keeps enough surprises hidden to keep the audience guessing along with Langdon). In addition the amnesia impairs his greatest power, his eidetic memory (which allows him to remember everything) - bits and pieces coming back to him as the narrative evolves, also incorporating more personal aspects of his life's journey, rediscovering himself.

With Dante's Inferno a strong motivation, this movie contains some horror elements, giving it a different tone to the previous two films.
A lot of people look down on Brown's novels as fluff, but in its film adaptations it is highly entertaining fluff indeed!

Substantial Extras on this single disc release:
Extended & Deleted Scenes expand a lot of the story grandeur they couldn't fit into the running time;
Vision Of Hell analyses Dante's Hell and shows how the filmmakers translated many of these images directly into Langdon's nightmare vision;
Inferno Around The World takes a look at the production and its characters & the actors playing them;
A Look At Langdon explores this scholar come adventurer (not exactly Indiana Jones, but very much a modern version of it);
This Is Sienna Brooks and The Billionaire Villain: Bertrand Zobrist focus in on these characters;
Ron Howard - A Director's Journey has him relay his enthusiasm for the subject and his craft.

4 / B
- Paul Blom

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