AC/DC - Black Ice

It will be extremely difficult for these Aussie rock gods to release an album that sucks. If you're a lifelong fan it will fulfill all your requirements. If you're still wet behind the ears and hear them for the first time, it may well be a case of your expectations not attuned to the killer old-school hard rock sound as opposed to the modern rock prescripts promulgated on radio and TV music channels. But, just because these guys have been going since the 1970s is not enough to simply hail them as masters - they have earned that spot because their music is a brilliant mixture of the pure rock ethic with a simplicity that is irresistible (unfortunately to the extent that even rock enemies like Celine Dion has covered one of their songs!). It is also no surprise that the WWE has grabbed the track Spoilin' For A Fight for one of their wrestling events...
The distinctive guitars of Angus & his brother Malcolm, and Brian's unmistakable vocals, all held together with a rock solid rhythm section can be recognized from a mile away.
If you're looking for 15 tracks of pure, unadulterated rock, then Black Ice is a sure shot.
The album was also released in digi-pak format with a variety of logo colours to choose from (interested to know which one sold the most - my guess would be red...).

5 / A
- Paul Blom

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