PANDORA’S BOX – Original Sin

Pandora’s Box is not in fact a band, but a project by Meat Loaf brainchild Jim Steinman. In between Meat Loaf albums, Steinman kept himself busy with the likes of Bonnie Tyler, his own Bad For Good album and this late ‘80s phenomenon. Steinman’s penchant for Broadway-style rock opera melodrama, lust and fantasy is well in tact with Pandora’s Box as he breathes life into his fantasies with extraordinary female voices, that of Ellen Foley, Gina Taylor, Elaine Caswell, Deliria Wilde, as well as Laura Theodore and Holly Sherwood. His piano driven compositions are instantly recognizable and could easily have translated into a Tyler or Meat Loaf track (as with one of the featured songs on this album, It’s All Coming Back To Me - resurrected on the latest third chapter of the big man’s Bat Out Of Hell saga). As to be expected, the concept laden Steinman themes cannot be substituted for mere pop songs strung together. Oh no, here the highs and lows of love, lust and obsession take many turns (even into a female version of The Doors’ classic 20th Century Fox – the legendary film studio opening fanfare also incorporated!). Another Steinman favourite is that of a dark tale narrated by himself (I’ve Been Dreaming Up A Storm Lately). This special re-release also contains a DVD with promo material from 1989, including 3 clips as well as Jim Steinman Opens Pandora’s Box, sometimes comically chatting about the entire project.

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