(Courtesy Microsoft)

PC gamers who like high-powered alien-war action cannot go wrong with Gears Of War.

To win a copy of this game, tell us the name of the head honcho you'll associate with Microsoft.

E-mail your answer, your name, full contact details and address to:
(subject line: GEARS OF WAR Competition)

Competition closed - winners:
T. Vaughan
B. Michaels

(Courtesy Microsoft / X Box)

Another killer racing game on the X BOX release roster is FORZA MOTORSPORT 3.

In order to win a copy of this game, there are no trick questions - just tell us what your favourite X BOX game is and you can be burning rubber with this one.

E-mail your choice, your name, full contact details and address to:
(subject line: FORZA 3 X BOX Competition)

Competition closed - winners:
K. Vermeer
A. Bloch

Twilight NEW MOON - Soundtrack Albums
(Courtesy Gallo / Atlantic / Chop Shop)

New Moon has opened to huge box office all around the world, including South Africa.
To celebrate the release of the 2nd chapter in this popular Vampire/Werewolf saga, Gallo and Flamedrop are giving away a bunch of soundtrack albums (featuring 15 tracks from the likes of: Muse, Thom Yorke, Deathcab For Cutie, The Killers etc.)

To win one of these, give us the character names of the three leads in New Moon.

Check out the movie review for clues: NEW MOON

E-mail the correct answers with your name, full contact details and address to:
(subject line: NEW MOON Soundtrack Competition)

Competition closed - winners:
H. Peters
S. Ingram
R. Travis
P. Flanagan
C. Butler

(Courtesy Nu Metro)

The 4th chapter in the death-chasing horror saga FINAL DESTINATION hits South African screens on Friday 2nd October '09, in 3D!
To celebrate its release, Nu Metro and Flamedrop are giving away five DVD box sets of the first three movies.

To be one of the lucky ones, answer this question:
What transport catastrophe in the first Final Destination movie was the catalyst sending the grim reaper on a quest to take the souls that cheated death?

E-mail the correct answer with your name, full contact details and address to:
(subject line: FINAL DESTINATION Competition)

Competition closed - winners:
D. McDonald
L. Ripsold
L. Cramer
A. Allan
B. Joseph

IRON MAIDEN: Flight 666 - DVDs and CDs
(Courtesy EMI)

The enormous Somewhere Back In Time World Tour by powerhouse Metal band Iron Maiden was captured in an amazing feature length documentary and double soundtrack CD.

To win either a copy of the double DVD or double CD, answer this question:
Who flew the Boeing 757 to get Iron Maiden to their tour destinations?

For clues, check out the:
DVD review
CD review

E-mail your answer, name, full contact details & address to:
(subject line: IRON MAIDEN / FLAMEDROP Competition)

Competition closed - winners:
V. De La Rey
G. Gerhardus
W. Versveldt
P. Van Der Merwe
J. Chambers

(Courtesy Nu Metro Home Entertainment)

The genesis of this popular vampire franchise can be yours.
To be one of the lucky ones, answer this question:

Which classic silent Vampire film was screened at the 2006 South African HORRORFEST (with a new soundtrack performed live to the screen by Terminatryx and special guests)?

For clues, check out:

E-mail your answer, name, full contact details & address to:
(subject line: TWILIGHT / SA HORRORFEST Competition)

click here for the Twilight review

N. Schiller
M. Charles
C. Findlay
C. Quintana
A. Visser

Correct answer: NOSFERATU

Heat reveal mug & creaking coaster set

(Courtesy UIP & Dreamworks)

The ghostly chiller The Uninvited is released on the big screen in South Africa by UIP, and you can celebrate it in true winter style with this heat activated coffee mug (exposing the poster image), and a pressure-sensitive electronic coaster emitting a creaking sound!

To grab one of these collectors' sets, answer this question:
Of which Korean movie is The Uninvited a re-make?

For clues, check out the review here:

E-mail your answer, name, full contact details & address to:
(subject line: Uninvited Competition)

K.G. Palmer
F. Cramer
F. Harris
C. Nonin
M. Tredoux

Correct Answer: Janghwa, Hongryeon


(Courtesy Ster Kinekor)

For those who missed the phenomenal Grindhouse Double Feature screening at the first X FEST Extreme Film Festival late-March '08, you can now be one of the lucky ones to win a copy of each of these wild and highly entertaining flicks from Tarantino & Rodriguez - and have your own Double Feature night at home!

To win one of these cool sets, answer this question:
What will the theme be of the next X FEST Extreme Film Festival on 26-28 September 2008?

E-mail your answer, name and full contact details to:
(subject line: Grindhouse/X FEST Competition)

Click the links below for the X Fest and reviews of the prizes:

R. Ogden
D. Cabano
C. Flynt

Correct answer: The X FEST Extreme Music Edition

DISTURBED - Indestructible CDs
(Courtesy Gallo)

Disturbed has released their new album featuring their unique brand of accessible Metal music.
Gallo gave us 5 copies of Indestructible for our readers.

All you have to do is answer this question:
Who is the lead vocalist of Disturbed?


CDs were handed out at the X Fest Extreme Music Film Festival

(Courtesy Gallo)

The legendary Primal Scream's latest offering can be yours by answering an easy question:

Name one of Primal Scream's previous album titles.


CDs were handed out at the X Fest Extreme Music Film Festival

SWEENEY TODD The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Soundtrack CDs
(Courtesy Gallo)

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's partnership has become a legendary one, and has now ventured into the world of the musical. This adaptation of the Sweeney Todd Broadway show is a fantastic, bloody and moody piece with a superb soundtrack, sung by the cast, including Mr. Depp.
To stand the chance of winning one of these soundtracks courtesy of Gallo Records and Warner, answer this simple question and e-mail it to us:

Which Tim Burton tale was animated by Henry Selick and resulted in a blending of Halloween and Christmas?

E-mail your answer, name and full contact details to:

A. Tracy
G. Van Zyl
C. Cronin
P. Masterson
A. vd Merwe

Correct answer: Edward Scissorhands

(Courtesy Nu Metro Home Entertainment)

Who would've thought that Johnny Depp would become part (and the focal point) of one of the biggest Disney movie trilogies of recent years?

Bringing the vast adventure to a (possible) close, At World's End is filled with magnificent special effects, humour and madness, tied together by a convoluted plot.

The DVD includes an extra disc with bonus features, incl. Making-Of documentaries, bloopers, set visits, a look at the soundtrack and more.

To win yourself a DVD copy of Pirates 3 for Christmas (courtesey Nu Metro), answer this question:

In which '80s horror movie did Johnny Depp make his big screen debut?

E-mail your answer, name and full contact details to:

C. Bracken
E. Scholtz
L. Millar

Correct answer: A Nightmare On Elm Street

(Courtesy Gresham- & Roadrunner Records)

When you get a collection of predominantly Roadrunner related bands, you’re guaranteed to get top notch quality metal in all of its genre variants.
And when it’s 3 dozen songs on two discs, you’re unlikely to be disappointed, whether you like it melodic, old-school, brutal or in the hardcore extreme.
The well known heavy weight stalwarts come in the shape of Slipknot (and its affiliated) Stone Sour, Machine Head (in semi-Tool-mode), Soulfly, In Flames, and Opeth.
Black Metal extractions include Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth (with a cover of ‘80s pop group Heaven 17’s Temptation!).
Trivium, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage, Devildriver, and The Huanted has many fans while those who prefer the ladies on the mic will be happy to hear (the more brutal) Arch Enemy, (classically slanted) Nightwish, and (more commercial hard rock of) Lacuna Coil.
Other hard and heavy diversions come from Mastodon, Underoath and Dark Tranquility.
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet offer what seems like an impacting instrumental (which will make a great live intro song for them), but launches into a full-on piece with mean gravel vocals.
Roadrunner United comes from the All Star Sessions project for the label’s 25th anniversary which threw the cream of metal bands (past and present) into a metal melting pot to forge some unprecedented collaborations.
And if that’s not enough, you also get Bury Your Dead, Daath, The Autumn Offerings, Dead To Fall, The End, Still Remains and more.
Yes my friends, metal will annihilate ‘till after kingdom comes and goes.

To win yourself a copy & poster, name a band featured on the FMA compilation CD. E-mail your answer, together with your name and contact details to:

D. Patrick
C. Van Vuuren
K. De Lange
S. Smythe
A.P. Cronje

Correct answer: any of the band names mentioned above

(Courtesy Ster Kinekor)

Neil Marshall (director of Dog Soldiers and The Descent) recently spent several months in Cape Town, South Africa, to shoot his biggest movie yet: DOOMSDAY

The $30 million production will pack quite a punch. Paul Blom covered the production for FANGORIA MAGAZINE with several pieces to appear both in the mag and on-line.

With access to Marshall and many of his regular collaborators, we took the opportunity to get several DVD copies of THE DESCENT (from Ster Kinekor) signed by Marshall, make-up FX-man Paul Hyett, actors, and more!
To own one of these collectors' items, send the answer to the question below, your name and contact details to:

Question: Who is responsible for the special make-up effects on Neil Marshall's THE DESCENT?

The lucky winners of this cool prize include:

N. Verster
C. Bracken
P. Francis
G. Rabinowitz
L. Daniels
& several lucky S.A. HORRORFEST viewers walked off with this prize and loads of other movies

Correct answer: Paul Hyett

(Courtesy EMI)

Congratulations to the winners of the brand new Keith Urban album Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing.

S. Vermeulen
J.T. Nolan
F. Frances
A. Beukes
K. Strauss

The correct answer to the question "Which Australian actress did Urban date?" was of course Nicole Kidman.

Best of BOND CDs
(Courtesy EMI)

Congratulations to the winners of the brilliant James Bond soundtrack collection.

D.E. Wright
D. Davids
R. vd Merwe
P. Klein
F. Eaton

The answer to "who was the third Bond?" is none other than Mr. Roger Moore.

SLIPKNOT Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses
(Courtesy David Gresham Records
& Road Runner Records)

We're sure those of you who got your hands on copies of these two powerful Slipknot albums at the screening of the Voliminal DVD at the Mercury Live are still over the moon.
Enjoy it!

(Courtesy Inkless Media)

Those who attended the 2006 Horror Fest would have encontered this brand new South African publication delving into all things dark and scary via fiction, art, movies and more.
We still have a few copies to give away for the first lucky e-mails we receive.

Answer the question below and e-mail the answer, your name, telephone number and South African address to:

Who publishes Something Wicked Magazine?


S da Silva
J. van Schalkwyk
L. Kriel

The festivalgoers at the 2006 South African HORRORFEST were also treated to a whole bunch of Horror DVDs, courtesy of Sting Entertainment!

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