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Slipknot can be seen here at their pinnacle - but unfathomable lows so often strike down intense highs, as this hard-hitting double-DVD is released in the tragic wake of the untimely death of bassist Paul (aka #2). But as with so many bands, this family unit and their extended relatives in the shape of millions of global fans have stood together in the dark shadow of this avoidable shocker.
The live show captured at the 2009 Download Festival resonates with a satisfying dozen & a half 'best of' set-list, incl. Eyeless, (sic), Wait And Bleed, Before I Forget, Left Behind, Disasterpiece, Vermilion, Duality, People = Shit, Spit It Out, and more. The intense energy of their unique 9-man masked performance infects the audience as this headlining show blows everyone away, more than likely wiping all the preceding bands on the line-up from the fans' memories.
In addition to this live show, you get a behind-the-scene docy on their All Hope Is Gone tour, and music videos to the high-octane songs Psychosocial, Dead Memories, Sulfur, and the emotion-laden Snuff. The latter also gets a making-of with further exposition on the extremely personal subject of the song and the video's dark exploratory theme.
2010 has dealt Metal a hard blow with other figures joining Pantera's Dimebag in the backstage area beyond this realm, including Type O Negative's Pete Steele, Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Rev”, and the one & only Ronnie James Dio. But as this DVD is a testament to Paul's Metal contribution, so can we be comforted to know that there are loads of great recordings by these icons to be enjoyed for eternity.

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- Paul Blom

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