JOHNNY CASH – American V

Sad, bittersweet posthumous conclusion to Johnny Cash and producer Rick Rubin’s collaborative series. This 12-track finale contains two cash originals (Like The 309 and I Came To Believe), the rest of the music including that of Bruce Springsteen (Further On Up The Road), Hank Williams (On The Evening Train), Gordon Lightfoot (If You Could Read My Mind), Rod McKuen (Love’s Been Good To Me), Hugh Moffatt (Rose Of My Heart) and the traditional arrangement of God’s Gonna Cut You Down. It’s quite an emotional journey.
The album closes with Herscher & Klein’s I’m Free From The Chain Gang Now, the familiar image from Cash’s career of a man who faltered, ending up in jail, finding some sort of redemption - closing a chapter on a true legend.

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1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

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C:Once Should Suffice

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