Rammstein Liebe

RAMMSTEIN - Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

Achtung! Aandag! Attention! If by now you're familiar with this German force, you're fully aware of what they're all about - if you have no idea of their existence, are you aware that the Berlin wall had fallen 2 decades ago?? The Industrial-flavoured Metal of this sextet is recognizable in a flash - from the distinct guitar and vocal sound to the electronics and German lyrics. But a seasoned Rammsteiner will spot many a familiar and similar sound from previous albums in several of these steady, driving headbang-paced tracks. Yet, this may well be exactly what some fans want, while others would defend it in that you shouldn't mess with a winning formula. That said, once you listen to it a few times it takes a hold.The fact that Rammstein had risen to their position without compromise and almost wholly delivering in their mother tongue (except for a few songs like the previously released Amerika and cover versions like Depeche Mode's Stripped), is quite something.Ironically (but more than likely deliberately) the song Pussy is one of the catchiest and commercial sounding cuts on the album, also with the most explicit theme and music video (plus a bit of English)! Always pushing the boundaries, especially when it comes to live stage shows and videos, to catch this radical and explicit music video clip, (if you're over 18) go search for it on-line, as it is almost guaranteed not to get broadcast on any music show!
Other songs worth mentioning is Rammlied, Ich Tu Dir Weh, Waidmanns Heil, with some songs hitting much more of a straightforward Metal stride like Wiener Blut. The more laid back tracks include Frühling In Paris and Roter Sand (featuring some whistling).The elaborate and stylish digipak design features provocative photography with nudity and suggested cannibalism.

5 / A
- Paul Blom

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